Paid Search

The success of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising requires all companies to develop a marketing budget and strategy. Proper utilization is the key.

Both Facebook and Google Adwords provide powerful platforms with which to develop ads and strategies. Microtargeting specific audiences and their behavior that was once only available to large corporations with large advertising budgets are now possible for small and medium-size business.

Are you getting the results you want with your PPC advertising? Our team of experts is available to assist in all phases of the life cycle.

Our process

  1. Determine the overall goal of the campaign and the overall message or idea that needs to be communicated
  2. Select the creative components – Image, Title, Subheader, Ad Text
  3. Design the offer and conversion strategy
  4. Create a Landing Page to match the Ad
  5. Develop a Landing Page sequence of offers
  6. Set up Goals, Audience, Ad Spend
  7. Monitor analytics and adjust campaigns as needed
  8. Scale ads that are working
  9. Communicate email offers to those that didn’t convert






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